How To Start A Blog In 30 Minutes Or Less

 If you want to make an income while traveling the world or even just want to share your life adventures, consider blogging!

Before you write it off, blogging can be for ANYONE! It doesn’t take a computer genius or a professional writer to build a successful website. All it takes is passion. 

I am a college dropout who relied on selling big hunks of metal for a living (Car Salesman), and now make a full time income from my blog while my wife and I attempt to travel the world full time, with a baby!

If this is something you could see yourself doing, read on!

Setting everything up may seem difficult or like it takes too much time, but it isn’t and doesn’t! I have setup a guide to walk you through the entire process to start your own website whether it’s to make money or just to share your passion, and with this guide you should be able to setup your site in 30 minutes or less. 


In order to start a blog on the internet and begin sharing your stories, you need somewhere to host it. This is kind of like building a house, you have to have land to build it on, right? Right.

You have a lot of options when it comes to companies that will host your website, so when searching make sure you choose the right one. I help manage multiple websites and factoring price, page load times and customer service, Bluehost is the best bargain and is one of the most well respected hosting sites out there. 

This entire site is currently in the process of being switched over to Bluehost for many reasons. They are a large and well known company who offer everything you need to build your website; hosting, domain name, installing word press and setting up a theme.

STEP #1 Setup A Hosting Account 


As I mentioned above, I fully recommend Bluehost for all of your website needs. I have locked in my readers a deal for $3.95 per month with a free domain! 

Click HERE to sign up for your Bluehost account and follow the steps below!

 Follow the link above to begin the sign up process and click “Get Started Now”



STEP #2 Select Your Plan

If you are just starting out, the basic plan I have locked in the $3.95 fee for will do just fine to get you going and you can always upgrade later when your business starts to expand. If you feel you need more than the basic has to offer that’s okay too!

STEP #3 Create Or Transfer Domain

If you already have a domain, transfer your current one over, or if new to blogging, create a new domain name. Choosing your domain name is very important. Make sure it is relatable to your content and your niche. Your domain is how people will find you on the web. 

Once you’ve selected your new domain, you will be prompted to enter your personal account information, make sure to fill everything out accurately.

STEP #5 Login to WordPress

After you’ve logged in, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you. Login to WordPress by selecting the domain you are working with. You should now be staring at your WordPress Dashboard, look it over a little and familiarize yourself with the program. 

 Click appearance and select one of the many theme options you have available to you for free courtesy of Bluehost. If none of the free themes interest you, you can purchase premium themes as well. Make sure whatever theme you choose is mobile friendly and allows plugins. After this, you are ready to begin your exciting adventure as a blogger! 

Congratulations! You have officially created your new blog. Start writing your awesome content and I wish you luck! Email me with any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to help you out. 

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