Visiting New Orleans With Kids


With it’s reputation as a party city, it’s no surprise that you may be questioning visiting New Orleans with your children. 

To put you at ease, yes, you can absolutely bring the whole family along! There’s so much more to New Orleans than the partying and nightlife and was easily the most unique city we have visited so far. 

Upon visiting you’ll notice the historic architecture, narrow roadways, festivals, street performers and incredible food as some of the highlights.

The charm you’ll experience just strolling through the city is unbelievable. There’s no place quite like the it. 

The French Quarter

Some of our favorite street performances were the jazz musicians, tap dancers and the human statues (street artists posing as a statue with realistic makeup and paint) it’s insane what some of those guys can do!

Another unique part of the French Quarter is the voodoo culture. It came to New Orleans in the 1700’s and has been practiced in the area ever since. Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo is a very interesting little shop where you can find spell kits, voodoo dolls and even have your palms read. Such strange vibes in there – worth checking out! 

On Jackson Square you can find the St. Louis Cathedral – the oldest still in use in the US! There’s also  local artists where you can let the kids get their faces painted or have a caricature drawn up of the entire family.

This all creates a nostalgic atmosphere that can’t be experienced anywhere else, let alone the United States. 

Food, Coffee and Beignets!

With coffee shops around every corner, the one with the largest crowd was Cafe Du Monde. This historic cafe has been serving coffee since 1862, and the long lines enticed us to give it a shot. 

The coffee was great but it didn’t turn out to be the true prize. 

We, and when I say we I really mean Braelynn, were particularly fond of the beignets! These are essentially deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar and we demolished them in no time. 

The Cajun seafood, gumbo and jambalaya is marvelous and is a must try when visiting Nola. Crawfish was easily the best new thing we tried here. Who would have guess those creepy little red things would be so tasty? 

Garden District

One of the more prominent neighborhoods in New Orleans, the Garden District is a beautiful oak-lined street that you can spend time exploring.

It’s home to many celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, John Goodman and Eli Manning (father to Peyton and Eli of the NFL). The Buckner Mansion, featured in American Horror Story: Coven can also be found here and was on our checklist when visiting. 

We recommend spending some time here when in the area and there’s guided walking tours available if you prefer. 

Some other top highlights when visiting New Orleans includes:

Roman Candy Company Taffy – Delicious taffy sold out of a mule and buggey since 1915!

Audobon Zoo – Large zoo with mix of exotic animals!

Steamboat Natchez – Tour the Mississippi River!

Mardi Gras World – Check out how all of the floats are decorations are made! 

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